Data privacy statement

The Hotel Franz in Essen (in service GmbH, Steeler Straße 261 in 45138 Essen, tel. +49 (0) 201 50 70 73 01) is pleased that you are visiting this website. Data protection and data security during the use of our website are very important to us. We would like to inform you which items of your personal data we collect when you visit our website and the purposes for which they are used. Reference may be made to the basic data protection legislation in the German Data Protection Act (BDSG) and the German Telemedia Services Act (TMG). 

We advise you to read through this data privacy statement regularly because it may need to be revised on account of amendments to the laws or changes to our internal processes. The data privacy statement can be accessed, saved and printed out at any time under the data privacy section.

§ 1    Scope of validity

This data privacy statement applies to the website of the Hotel Franz which can be visited at the and domains (hereinafter called "Our Websites").

§ 2    What are personal data?

Personal data are particulars  that can be used to learn about your personal or material circumstances (e.g. name, address, telephone number, date of birth or email address). Information which does not allow us to identify you personally (or would involve an unreasonable amount of effort and expense to do so), e.g. because the information is anonymised, is not personal data.

§ 3    Which personal data do we collect/process and use?

You can use the majority of our site without entering any personal data.

Access data without reference to individual persons are saved, e.g. the name of your Internet service provider, the site from which you are visiting our site, and the names of the files retrieved and the dates on which they were retrieved. These data are used solely to improve our service and cannot be traced back to you. 

However, if you want to use services offered on our site, e.g. book an overnight stay in our Hotel Franz, it will be necessary to provide further data. These data will be required to process the enquiry in any given case.

We use the data which you have given us in order to provide the services advertised, to answer your questions, and to operate and improve Our Websites and applications. We only use your personal data in order to be able to offer you a comprehensive service via Our Websites or, if you use our contact form, to process your enquiries.

No further use will be made of your personal data. Your personal data will not be sent to third parties or used for advertising purposes without your consent, except in the cases listed below, unless we are required by law to disclose data (information to law enforcement authorities and courts; information to public authorities which obtain data under statutory regulations, e.g. social insurance agencies, revenue authorities, etc.) or unless we engage third parties bound by a code of professional confidentiality to enforce our claims. Personal data are used for the following purposes in particular:

a)    Contact form

If you use our contact form to get in touch with us and to send enquiries, we ask you for your forename, surname and email address. You can also write your individual message in the box provided. 

It is entirely up to you to decide whether you want to disclose these data to us but we cannot process your request for contact without this information. In this case you would have to telephone us or visit us in person.

b)    Hotel bookings

If you use our online booking facility to reserve a hotel room, we will ask you for your forename, surname, street, postcode, town, telephone number, email address and credit card details. Any other information is voluntary. We will use these data to process your enquiry and enter your booking. We cannot make an online booking without your data. In this case you can contact the Hotel Franz in person (tel. +49 (0) 201 50 70 73 01, Steeler Str. 261, 45138 Essen).

c)    Situations vacant

If you send us your job application papers by email, we will save your email address and the other information provided by you. We will only use your data in connection with the application process. We will save the documents which you have sent in compliance with the statutory regulations for six months after completion of the application process. We will also save your application documents for longer on your request so that we can contact you if a vacancy should arise which may be of interest to you. Naturally you can withdraw this request and ask us to delete all your data from our systems. 

§ 4    User profiles / use of cookies

We do not generate personal user profiles. In connection with your requests for information, your data will only be saved on our servers in anonymous form for the purpose of providing our various services or for evaluation purposes. General information will be logged in this process, e.g. which content is retrieved from our site at what time or which pages are visited the most frequently.

We use "cookies" which are small text files containing configuration data. Cookies are small text files which are sent to your browser by our web server during your visit to our site and are kept on your computer for reference during subsequent visits. We only use "session cookies" (also referred to as temporary cookies) which are only saved temporarily for the duration of your visit to one of our sites. 

The cookies are used to analyse the frequency of use and the number of visitors to Our Websites and to identify your computer on a visit to our site when changing from one of Our Websites to another of Our Websites and to be able to establish the end of your visit. This allows us to see which section of Our Websites and which other sites our users have visited. These data indicate patterns of usage only, however, and cannot identify the user in any given case. All of these usage data are logged anonymously and are not linked with your personal data in accordance with § 3 of this data privacy statement and are deleted immediately after the end of the statistical evaluation process. The cookies are deleted as soon as you finish your browser session.

We also use affiliate cookies if a user accesses the Franz Sales Haus service from an external advertisement. These cookies are used for the settlement of accounts with the business partner and do not contain any personal data. They are deleted automatically after ____ weeks.

The default setting on most browsers is to accept cookies automatically. You can disable the acceptance of cookies, however, or change the settings on your browser so that it will inform you before cookies are saved. Users who do not accept cookies may not be able to access certain sections of Our Websites.

§ 5     Security measures for the protection of the data saved on our systems

We undertake to protect your privacy and to keep your personal data confidential. We have extensive technical and organisational safeguards in place, which are reviewed regularly and adapted in line with technological advances, in order to avoid loss or misuse of the data saved on our systems.

We would point out, however, that the structure of the Internet is such that the rules of data protection and the above safeguards may not be respected by other persons or institutions outside our sphere of responsibility. Unencrypted data are particularly vulnerable to interception by third parties, including when sent by email. Technically we have no control over this. It is the responsibility of users to prevent misuse of their data by encryption or by some other means.

§ 6     Hyperlinks to external websites

Our Websites contain hyperlinks to websites operated by other providers. If activated, these hyperlinks will take you directly from Our Websites to the relevant third-party websites. This will be indicated in various ways, such as the change of URL. We cannot accept responsibility for the confidential handling of your data on these third-party websites as we have no control over the compliance of these companies with the data protection regulations. Information about the management of your personal data by these companies must be sourced on their own websites.

§ 7     Information about your personal data stored on our systems / storage time / deletion

We only save your personal data for the term permitted by law. Personal data will be deleted from our systems if the relevant user withdraws consent for their storage or if these data are no longer required to accomplish the purpose for which they were saved.

We will gladly comply with your requests for information as to which items of your personal data we hold on our systems. Should we have incorrect data on our files despite our efforts to keep accurate and up-to-date records, we will correct these mistakes immediately. 

We will also comply immediately with any requests for the deletion of your data. If the data cannot be deleted for legal reasons, a block will be put on the relevant data instead. Please note, however, that we can no longer offer you the services advertised here if your data are deleted.

§ 8     External data protection officer

If you have any other questions or suggestions about data protection in our establishment or about any of this information concerning data protection, please get in touch directly with our external data protection officer:

Seyhun Savas
Tel 0201 . 27 69 - 306
Fax 0201 . 27 69 - 270
E-Mail senden

Last revised: August 2019